Ways To Really Learn Poker Without The Fuss And Bullshit!

  • September 4, 2023

Poker is an exciting game. Once you’ve tried, you just can’t wait to get to the next part.

Know The Basic Rules

Yes, before any practice, there is the theory. The rules of poker, and especially Texas Holdem Poker (the most popular variant), are pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, you have to know them. It is the basis of learning poker.

Know the winning combinations in poker, the auction rules, the management of the blinds… You do not need to know everything by heart to try your first game, except the hierarchy of combinations which remains mandatory.

Play With Friends

Playing with friends is often the best way to start and learn poker. Don’t necessarily play malaysia online casino with those who are expert players to begin with, unless they are patient with your skill level and you are not playing money.

You can start with friends who are also new to poker or with occasional players who know the rules well and can explain them to you.

Watch Poker Events

It is very easy to make poker videos on the web: either you can go through Youtube to find big event highlights, or you can search for live events. For example, the EPT, a large series of tournaments for professional players, has free live hours of several hours when there are tournaments.

Commentators explain players’ reasoning for each hand and it can help you better understand how to play poker. However, don’t expect to see such a reflection in your opponents because you won’t be playing the same level.

Browse Forums

In the early 2000s, poker forums were booming. Tens of thousands of players signed up to learn poker, find people to play with, get news, and most importantly, share.

Today, the forums are a bit dead and the level of mutual aid from the start has soared. Most of you have regulars posting irrelevant posts or looking down on newbies.

However, by ignoring these zigotos, you can find some interesting discussions to learn how to play poker.

Watch Coaching Videos

Coaching videos are a powerful weapon to improve your poker skills. We must now sort it out because some advertise themselves as experts, make videos and are in fact far from the advanced level.

However, I think that the videos watched after a few hours of poker are a good reflex to quickly know what you are doing right or wrong.

Watch videos of the level you are playing MMC996 Malaysia. So if you started out playing $ 10 tournaments, don’t watch cash game videos with $ 5 / $ 10 blinds.

The issues are completely different.

Read Books

The poker player’s library can be very dense! The works have multiplied over the years. There is everything: books for beginners, books for advanced levels, books for variants like Omaha, advice to have the mind of a pro player …

Now old and a bit outdated, Harrington’s books were once the benchmark. They are still worth a glance especially for the exercises at the end of the book.

Elky, a big player of French tournaments, published a series “Kill Elky” whose first work is made for the beginners. It is a good buy.

Join A Poker Club

Poker clubs exist in all major cities and not only. So, I live in Chambéry, a city of 50,000 inhabitants and looking on the web, I see that there are two poker clubs in the city and several around (Grenoble, Annecy…).

When I started out, I played Orleans and it was really good to be able to learn poker with other enthusiasts in a good-natured environment, while not being hidden behind your computer screen.

Even if poker has been democratized for a while in France, the level in poker clubs is very heterogeneous. So you have no shame in signing up barely knowing the rules.

Play For Free Or In Micro-Limits

Online poker sites are famous today. They advertise on TV and even on football team shorts. Register on a room like Pokerstars or Winamax and start playing.

There are free games available. Personally, I tried for less than a week and found the players were doing anything, so I quit. I advise you to play it until you know the value of the hands.

Once it’s done, go to paid. But beware, paying doesn’t mean you have to sell a kidney to play poker. Tournaments and sit n gos are great places to start. Play penny games. This is enough to learn to play poker.

Work On Your Game Outside Of Sessions

This is often what will make the difference between any player and a good poker player. The latter works his game outside. It does not consist in spending ten hours on the forums per week, but to review the hands that he has played, to understand what he has done right and wrong, the reflexes that his opponents have …

This “out of session” work can begin while you are still new to poker. Make an effort to understand why you lost big on some hands and if this is normal or if you played poorly.

When you win, think about how you could have played the hand to collect even more chips.

By following these 9 methods to learn poker, your learning could be fast. Then you have to play over and over, analyze your games over and over again, to become a good poker player.

Clayton Whiteman

E-mail : AMELIA@uvision.net

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